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Posted by Pip

TG4- Those Other People Are Weird

In case you haven't noticed by now, this is a Virtue heavy arc. They're belligerent and crazy in their own right and I'd like to think in a different way from the Sins. Chastity won't put up with open antagonism in her crew while Lust seems pretty cool with it, encourages, or engages in it. As Fast points out, nobody likes the Virtues, while the Sins are fairly beloved. And where Lust is more of a “mom” to her gang, I see Chastity as more of a “teacher”. Get out of line and you get the ruler to the knuckles/sword to the head but do well and you can bask in her praise. You know that they totally have gold stars in their personal spaces. At least everybody shares in hypocrisy. No matter how different we all are, we can always come together and accept that we're completely awesome and everybody else is kind of odd.

A new DDG is up too! 'Netta is far more cruel with her punishments than a simple sword through the brain.

I did a guest page for the comic Blade Bunny and it should be going up today. It's by the same author as Exiern and he asked for some help while the comic takes a break, so stop on by and check it out!