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TG6- Buddy Cop Movie Yaaay

It's the most eardrum shattering, squeal-y team-up the public could demand. All right, nobody demanded it, but these two are a good duo. They're the only genuinely happy and caring Forces that poor world has. They're good people, ewww! This arc needs an injection of Sin-based selfishness.

There's also a brand new vote image up at TWC!
This time taking a sneak peak at one of the travails Rhett encountered after returning home from his journey.

With the end of Addison's arc, there was enough material for another Sins book! Volume 3! And just in time for the holidays, eh? Nothing says Human Rights Day like a gift of a Sins book! No? How about National Cookie Day? Beethoven's Birthday? Whatever your celebration of choice, you can pick up a digital copy or print copy of the book in color here:

Or pick up the more economical black and white version here:

Both versions cover the arcs from the Sins's Conference to the end of Addison's and have extra art for chapter pictures and a mini-comic called “Greed's Identity Crisis”. That means you know it's good.

And with a new book, I wanted to run another contest. Here are the rules!
We know that the Tarot visit other worlds to enlist new members, so your job is to draw a member of the Tarot (your choice) enlisting (either by their choice, bribery, or blackmail) a character from one of Taralynn's stories or a character from Ascension. Tara and Spiral were kind enough to give us open choice on which character you use, but keep it clean and have it be something I can post on the front page (PG-13-ish at most). Winning entries will be judged on creativity, humor, and the idea behind your picture NOT by how good the art is.

Pick from Tara's stories at:

Ascension is available at:

The list of the Tarot is on the cast page at:

But if you need a reference or refresher, just send me a message and I'll help out.

Three lucky winners will win a digital copy (PDF) of the book and entries are due on November 27th, so get cracking!