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TG7- Family Reunsin

Those of you that have been keeping up with the Sins games should know Content's source, and some of our comic detectives may have Batmanned it out already, but for the rest, it will be revealed later. But really, was high-tech equipment all that necessary? Just follow the funky flowers, ladies!
We're also reacquainted with the evil, evil pseudo-Fortune (booooo) and the Magician (from the Murd games too). Oh, and you know, Death is back! Oh crud! The totally secret and mysterious figure (that was by no means mysterious) from the end of the Death arc should be obvious (more so) now. I'm sure it's all happy-pants and cheerful now though. Getting whupped by the Sins can only be good for one's personal outlook.

We also have an awesome piece of fan art from Monte. You know him as the artist of Ascension but you can also check out his gallery at:
Thanks, Monte!

Quick Review: Evangelion: You Are Not Alone- There's no bones about it: this is a shameless cash-in movie. It's the shock wave on the Death Star only this time it's rainbows in every other scene. The coloring and lighting effects on the mechanical objects are much more vibrant but the added effects and 3D are so gratuitous/cheesy that they stick out like a sore thumb. The third Angel encountered (the geometric one) gets the best makeover and actually puts the 3D to good effect and it's not overdone, but none of the added scenes add anything to the story. The voices seem different which is a complete shame because the original cast was so good. Gendo's voice is nowhere near as suited to his as the original and Shinji is even more whiny. Shudder... The musical cues struck me as different too and again this is a shame because the original soundtrack is ridiculously good. The original TV show is better and if the rest of the movies are the same length, they're not much shorter than watching each episode (and there are a few you can definitely skip) so new viewers should stick to the DVDs. If it's been a long time since you've seen the series though, it's still worth rewatching if only for the animation, the Evas, and remembering just how effed up Shinji is. There's even a new ending song so you don't have to listen to the godawful Fly Me To The Moon remixes.