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Posted by Pip

TG9- Housewarming Pres-Sins

Balance doesn't leave the best of first impressions, does she? Lust hated her, Chastity thought she was an abomination, and now the Magician can't stand her. But Mag is a bit of a dick anyway, who cares what it thinks. It attacked Murdoch the first time they met and everybody loves Murdoch! Mag even sassed Judgement. Poor guy is just standing there guarding the gateway between worlds. He can't help it if he's toned and has fine hair.
And speaking of gateways, we get to see where the Tarot have been hiding away. Like the Virt's Limbo between realms, the Tarot have taken up in a Limbo between worlds. Theirs is a bit nicer though. Where the Virtues get unending fields of white nothingness to work with, Team Tarot at least gets clear skies and grass. Empress has to stick her array of thrones somewhere.

It's a new week so there's a new TWC voting incentive posted! A little something for everybody that was hoping this arc's code stood for something else. I think “Tarot Gauntlet” is exciting enough, thank you very much.

Last week to get your entry in for the contest! Your odds of winning are rather high right now. Depressingly high.