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TG10- But Does It Have A Batman That Swims

Hey, man, don't use the messenger as a stress toy. She did say “her friends told her so” so she's really only relaying the word of others. Unfortunately, Empress is far less willing to put up with sass than Judgement was. You don't get to be the leader of an inter-dimensional gang of conquerors by putting up with some chick with a fresh mouth. How she actually did come to be that leader, we can only guess.
Especially with the prize box, but I view the Tarot like children. They never really grow up since they're constantly reborn, there's nobody to check their power or teach them right from wrong, and they're, surprisingly, actually more petty than the Sins and Virtues. See what happens when you don't set boundaries, parents? Your kid joins a gang and starts hanging out with the embodiment of death! Happens every time.

Another reader has joined the good fight and will be helping out Dmabster with the Sins wiki. Tiffany was willing to start her own but will be folding in what she's done into the original one, so let's all extend a round of thanks! Don't put everything on their shoulders, though. Anybody can join in and lend a hand.

My calendar and that ever-growing display of cranberry sauce at the supermarket are telling me that Thanksgiving is going on this week, so have a good one, Slapeggs! Whether you dine on turkey, bears, or live in a country where you look down upon gratuitous displays of excess and gorging but are secretly jealous of how awesome cold turkey and stuffing sandwiches are, raise a toast to the Gluttonies on their day.