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Posted by Pip

TG12- The Buddy Cop Possibilities Get Better

Yay, Hiero! Hiero and Balance in the same space? Mega yaaaaay! Hierophant is bit more grown up than we saw him before but I still wanted to keep him very childish. He has some bigger ears and kind of Doonesbury nose going on now. Still hasn't changed his outfit though. Hooopefully those regenerate the same way their bodies do. Washing or not, a few millennia in the same shirt and it's bound to get kind of funky.
Oh, and the Hanged Man is another character from the Murdoch games for those not on the ball. It will be popping up later in the chapter so we can all catch up and become friends later on.

The TWC voting image has been changed for the new week. It's another entry in the Sloth costumes and no human alive can resist the appeal of that. So give in and click that voting link under the page and sate your instincts.

Links to the third Sins collection have been added to the swag page. You never know when the global infrastructure will collapse and you'll be left without an Internet connection. Wouldn't you feel safer knowing that you'll have the Sins in printed form as you fight your way through the post-apocalyptic nightmare that the world will become?

And speaking of the book, the winners are in for the book contest. Their pictures have been added to the Gallery Contest tab:

Thanks to Scuffndings and Joaqs for their entries! You can view their galleries at: