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TG13- That Justification Also Works For Cookies

Ah they're just too cute! The comic's two most earnest and well-meaning characters together in one adorable but probably incompetent mix. Anybody that considers anything Hiero does as “macho” probably isn't somebody you should be pinning your hopes on. Well, Universe, we had a good run and we enjoyed our time with you intact.

End of the month kind of snuck up on me here. Lousy months not having a standard number of days... But I'm ready! And this month's wallpaper is a freebie. One part I'm not sure how much blatantly copying art styles counts as trademark infringement and one part, let's be kind for the Winter holidays. As you celebrate Bodhi Day, remember the kindness of the Sins! All right, maybe the Virtues.
The final dramatic reveal is that the comic was all in his head and then he goes off and creates Fight Club.

And of course we have some funny search strings that led to the site:
“kick pokemon art” - Not just one person was searching for pictures of people kicking Pokemon, but 4 people were! You guys are mean.
“inescapable movie” - Next time, don't use those special parts to build your robot friends.
“picture of german people in their regular clothes” - As opposed to...
“secrets of the universe” - Nice try attempting to find out through Google, but no dice.

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Dec 2010 Wallpaper

Yeah, I totally botched linking to that wallpaper. I'm sure you all figured it out, but here it is properly.