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TG15- It Looks Good On You

Man, the Sins beating a rival to a pulp pays off in the end. Joy wasn't just stabbing Chariot in the face for the fun of it, she was helping the team in the future. That's some foresight! Not all the Tarot have the benefit of being reborn as kids. But hey, sometimes goo is just a lot more useful than a child. Plus, having a scene where Hiero throws a baby at Fortune's face may offend some of the bleeding heart baby lovers in the audience.

There's a new TWC voting incentive image up for the new week. With more Sins Facts that you can't possibly go on without knowing!

Long, Shut up. SHUT UP! Review: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom- Majin has a lot going for it in the idea department but the execution is terrible. It has some cool enemies that are like oily shades. The main character has a pretty good design too but he's mainly worth it for some of his random animations. He pumps his knees up when he sprints, his legs bow when he's carrying something heavy, and he's exaggerated and cartoony when he gets knocked around. The Majin too has a neat design, but I hate the character because he's ridiculously stupid. His dialogue shows him to be occasionally competent but outside of those brief flashes of insight, it's mostly the boring and cliche "he's big and therefore practically braindead". It's not that the voice actor is bad, he just has horrible material to work with. The voices in general aren't so hot. If somebody actually decided to give the animals those accents, s/he should feel rather bad about it. The game's hook but also its biggest problem is the Majin. He's slow to begin with but he keeps tripping for no reason while he walks, so you have to stop and wait for him to get back up on top of it. Every time it trips and you hear its stupid voice say "Ouch", you hate it just a little bit more. And in a game with a "Friendship" meter, hating your ally is not a good sign. He won't follow orders, he wanders off making you wait around for him, he's so slow that there's no point in having your character run, and he'll switch between all the targets in combat leaving five near-dead enemies instead of just finishing them off. The combat as a whole is terrible and there's so much of it. Every map room has multiple enemies, they respawn when you change screens, they all have three times more health than is necessary, and both your characters are so weak. Even after finding multiple strength upgrades, the Majin (whose whole purpose is that he's strong) takes multiple combos to kill a single enemy and can't fight most of them without your help. Your character is even more useless outside of the rudimentary stealth segments. I dropped two explosive kegs on an enemy, knocked it off a cliff, and it still took 10 complete 3-hit combos to kill a single enemy in an area where you're separate from the Majin so you have to fight on your own. The game is set up where the Majin has limited health but can revive your character if he gets knocked out. This feature 100% absolutely does not work. Not once in the 5 hours I played did the Majin EVER revive me. Sure the "I'll help you" voice clip played a lot but then he'd either walk away or stand there, staring at me, and let me die. Unless the game could hear the terrible, terrible things I was shouting at it and disparaging people with mental illness, this game is horribly made. Boss battles are fun because they're as much a puzzle as they are a real fight. Of course, that also means you're more dependent on the Majin helping you and not being stupid so... expect them to take two or three times longer than they should. There are far too many cinemas that break up the flow of the game and they're always placed after checkpoints and you can't skip them. If you die, you have to watch the camera pan through the area and suffer through any dialogue every single time. The overworld is also very poorly laid out. You aren't given a clear sense of where you're supposed to go and you are shown a lot of areas that you can access from the start, but once you get to them, you always need a power to get inside, so you wander around until you find the one route you can actually explore. To get to the first dungeon, you have to pass by three other dungeons you can't even enter yet. Once you know where you're headed, it's not bad but it still has the feeling of just finishing puzzle after puzzle with no clear reason why you're doing it and then there's a boss fight and the dungeon is clear. One of the game's important story-related collectibles only appears during the game's night cycle. If you want to complete the story, you have to stand around and do nothing for a very long time while the game changes to nighttime, walk over to the collectible, pick it up, and then rush to as many areas as you can before day breaks, and then repeat the process. The items aren't really hidden so it doesn't take any skill to find them, it's just that they only appear during a set time. Why on Earth would you make a story item appear only during certain times and have no benefit to the other half of the cycle? That's just idiotic. It's a good game in theory but I quit after five hours (during which I beat two of the four main bosses). It suffers a death by a thousand cuts situation. Or death by a thousand bad AI interactions. Every time the Majin won't heal you, every time he trips, every time he wanders off, every time he delays using his powers, and on and on, you like the game a little bit less. To say that the game is only half finished may be an exaggeration, but not by much.
Sins Committed: Bad level design, Bad writing, Bad acting, Boring combat, Bad AI
Virtues Acted: Good ideas behind the game, I bought the game during Amazon's Black Friday sale and sold it for the same price I bought it so I didn't waste any money