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TG16- What Are Friends For

Not only did he get the Tarot out of the way, but Hiero looks like a downright competent, well, hero at the same time. Now Mag totally owes him one and they'll either share a secret or Hiero will get some good old fashioned blackmail material. Oh, don't feel sorry for her. She's not the Fortune we know and love! She's different so she had it coming.

The company I work for moved to a new office in the city this week and being a misanthrope that hates crowds and noise, I've never really been one for cities. Some thoughts on my new adventures:
City old people walk about fifty times faster than suburban old people and are therefore at least 30% more awesome. I don't know why, but I walk very quickly so being somewhere where almost everybody else is doing that as well is very refreshing.
Train stations, just because your mode of transportation has been around for a few centuries, that doesn't mean that you have to be afraid of technology. There are a dozen digital clocks in the train station but all of the schedules, train numbers, and stop information requires everybody to wait for the maintenance guy to stop dicking around and manually change signage? You can fire him and let some spare parts from Radioshack do his job for a fraction of the cost and do it more reliably. Efficiency! I'm pretty sure the conductor would appreciate not having fifty people ask him whether the sign is wrong or if something happened to the 76 as well.
The reason there are six bakeries or coffee shops on every street is that they're really just giant air fresheners. Standing in front of them is the only place that blocks that vague poo smell the rest of the city has.
Our elevator's Magic Voice sounds like a mentally challenged robot. I will feel guilty for thinking this but it won't stop me from laughing every time she says “Lobby”.
The “Shrek the Musical” ads are designed to scare children. The giant “Shrek the Musical” ads on the sides of buses are designed to scare EVERYBODY and you can't escape them.
Cities are fueled by hate and anger. And I kind of dig that. Every horn honked, every car trying to cut off a trolley car, every person yelling, every time I overhear one side of a casually racist cellphone conversation, I just feel a little better about me.

Quick Review: Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression- I've repeatedly stated that I love the Ghostbusters but this collection isn't that hot. The pages are printed right up to the edge of the page so you have to crack the spine to read it and since it's a thin book, that typically leads to pages falling out over time. There's also a glaring misprint in the second issue where panels from the previous page are repeated and this seemingly covers up something important to the story. A major franchise from an established company and it couldn't get a proofreader? The story is so-so and leans on too much magic. I know that's kind of a ridiculous complaint, but GB always seemed science-y in its supernaturality. The real problems come with the new character, who is straight out of bad Internet fan fiction. She screams "Mary Sue" with her awesome powers, that Pete immediately falls in love with her, she's a super genius, and she's able to alter the Proton Packs and Ecto because she's just that good. Her big dramatic moment is groan worthy. And, of course, there's almost no love for Winston. He's on like five pages, does one thing on screen, one thing off camera, and really has no role outside of that. Poor Winston.