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Posted by Pip

TG18- Super Hug Time

Pens might be mightier and swords and all, but it turns out that hugs are actually a lot less mighty than corrosive doom gas. A hug so powerful that it could cause onomatopoeia to spontaneously appear and yet... nothing. Balance was bound to get her butt kicked eventually. You can't be that benevolent and not expect a karmic backlash.

There's a new TWC voting incentive for the new week ( )! This time another look back at the “What Happened To...” series. Click that link under the comic to vote. You're not mean enough to make the Greed banner feel bad, are you?

There's some new art in forum too.

Aaand we have a new addition to the Links page! Friends of the show, Thom and Darin, have a new comic. The link to “Murry and Lewy” is now available for all to enjoy! All over the required age to see the shameful bits of the human body, that is. Not safe for work!

Quick Review: Cave Story (DS)- I was really expecting a lot more out of the game but I think that's more the Internet's fault than the actual game's. Every review or message board post I've seen for this game treats it like it's the Second Coming and has a mind-blowing story. It's not and it doesn't. It's a good, simple game. Nothing more, nothing less. It has an interesting story and set of characters and there's some good mystery from the start, but the payoff wasn't what I was led to expect. For the good and aaaallll the bad of it, CS owes much to the original Metroid. It has some neat graphics and great music but it also has a slippery jump, combat that gets tedious quickly, and questionable level design. There are many cases where you have to go to an object, find you can't get passed it, and then backtrack until you find somebody that will give you an item or let you passed even though they weren't helpful before. In one area, a robot gets destroyed, if you look at its corpse during the battle nothing happens, but if you look at it after the battle, it does something and advances the story. You're left running back and forth until you figure out the specific series of events the game wants or you find a hidden passage only visible on the map. About the map, you can only access it by pausing the game despite that absolutely nothing appears on the bottom screen of the DS. It would have been far, far better to always display the map on the useless bottom screen and then just give people that don't want to use the map the ability to toggle it off. It also has a really piss-poor way of handling the endings. If you follow the game's story and progress the normal/logical way, it locks you out of getting the best ending. You have to run a very specific nonsensical route through the game to get the good ending. There's one character that dies of injuries if you talk to it but if you ignore its battered body and don't talk with it, it survives and shows up later in the game with no injuries and for some reason, a completely unrelated item won't show up later if you decided to help the injured character. Makes no sense.