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Posted by Pip

TG19- Better One Better Two

Balance and Death may be super power-less against each other, but a sharp stick in the eye hole always does wonders. Since Balance and Death are created from the same energy, they more of less cancel each other out with their innate abilities. What, you want a scientific explanation for all this? Fine. Balance evens out Death's fog and makes it into a inert, pH-balanced gas. Death kills off all the happy feelings Balance's hug causes to well up in your joy centers. Maybe now that they're equals, they can all settle down and talk this thing out. Or Death can just step on her.

Quick Review: Calling- This game is the equivalent of all those terrible Hollywood remakes/knock-offs of Japanese horror movies that came out after The Ring. Instead of being scary, it's just funny because of how lame it is and having the voices come out of the Wii remote just makes it even more laughable. You've got some evil dolls, evil phones, and evil Internets. Just pick ONE evil possessed object and stick with it, man. The game is too dark to really see anything, if you jack up the brightness it's too washed out to see anything either, the controls are a terrible mix of a Wii FPS but your character's neck is made of jelly and you have to act out motions to open doors or drawers but they're so unresponsive that they're annoying rather than immersive. The signs aren't translated so unless you know Japanese, you're going to be missing out on a lot. You follow a dark passageway after running away from a ghost (combat being done by waving the remote back and forth for five times longer than it needed to be) and you come across a ghostly glowing message carved into the wall... and you have no idea what it says.
It's basically a point and click (and waggle) game without a coherent story, interesting characters, or a clear objective. I spent more time walking back and forth from my computer to check an FAQ and then back to the game than I actually spent playing or doing anything interesting so I called it quits.