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Posted by Pip

TG21- Lizard vs Grarlgfish Coming This Fall

So while Balance was out there trying to fix the Universe, fighting powerful aliens, and literally evading Death, Content was... hanging out with lizards. Poor Balance doesn't even want to trouble others with her own woes and travails. Hang in there! All that work and suffering will surely pay dividends. Your very presence kind of dictates that.

There's a new TWC vote image for the week following more of the adventures of Rhett post-Sins. He totally has a girlfriend. She's just from Canada but he gets to see her on summer break, so it's cool. Vote regularly, pleeeaaase!

We're getting close to the end of this arc, so for the next one, I thought I'd do something a little different. The “gathering of the Sins” portion of the next host's story is going to be in game form. A simple platformer to set it apart from the other hosts. Hosts that show up in games totally get to rub it in the others' faces. It uses the same engine as the last game so the controls are still a bit wonky and you may get stuck from time to time (but I have worked on a new engine for the next next game! Thinking ahead). If you get stuck, I left a few exploits in the levels and there's a cheat mode if you get really stuck, so just message me with what you're having trouble with and I'll tell you how to get around it. Controls are simple: arrow keys to move, space to attack, enter to interact, number keys are described when you find the relevant Sin, 'R' resets the current stage. You can save/load with F5/F6. All the controls are viewable in-game by pressing F1.
For those unable to play the game, don't worry. The next arc starts with a recap of all the important goings on that went on.