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Posted by Pip

TG22- Caught Off Balance

The worst kind of jars are the ones with goo already inside. That's the kind of thing you want to do yourself.
Not quite the highly personal items that the Virtues were able to use to bind the Sins, but at least there's some lingering... Tarot residue on the skull and jar. Learn to identify that and then Chastity can de-funk the gauntlets and get them working again. Silver lining to every cloud and all that. No matter how much of a guilt trip that's going to burden Balance with...

For those of you not in the know, I work for a software company when I'm not being amazing online. We got company iPods this week, so now you can totally track me in the online games world when you don't feel like booting up your Playstation, DS, or Wii. Check me out/send a friend request on OpenFeint or GameCenter and see the shiny things I work on and all the fine products the nice people that pay me monies produce:
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Most of the company's games are free these days with DLC or in-app purchases, so you can give them a shot and not even spend any money doing so. Tell 'em Adam S. sent you! (Because they don't call me “Pip” and there are several other Adams in the company so you have to be specific.) And totally do tell them that you would spend oodles of money on a Sins game and its DLC. I'm not saying to harass them into making a Sins game but... well, I don't really know how to end this paragraph otherwise.