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TG24- Pouting On A Throne Is The Only Way To Do It

There we go! Finally get to see the Hanged Man in action. Well moving around for the first time in the comic. At least he threw saw blades at Murd in the games.
And so we end this arc with a glimpse of things to come. Empress is once more faced with the slimy beings that so creep her out, fancy glowing rocks were misplaced, and Hiero never gets to tell anybody just how awesome he is lest he get punished by his boss. And I got to say “lest”! A successful arc indeed.

The new TWC voting incentive is up. I think it's good luck in most cultures to ring in the New Year with Sloth (universal symbol of a relaxed and calm year ahead, you see) but to combine him with a beloved cameo... Who needs fireworks when you have that much awesome in one picture? In no remote way am I overselling this!

Quick Review: Rhythm Heaven- This may be the worst game Nintendo has stuck their name on and I've played Mario's Time Machine. Nintendo usually strives for some kind of quality and polish even if the game itself is bad, but RH has little going for it. The game is almost completely devoid of fun. There's little to no room for error in any of the minigames. Each action is judged as pass/fail so missing the timing by a split second is graded just as poorly as if you missed it by several seconds. There's zero feedback in the majority of the games I played too. A simple "too early" or "too late" message would have saved this game and actually allowed you to improve your abilities and learn what the game wanted. Instead you're left to guess why you failed, it's hard to tell the difference between an action that works and an action that failed, and then the game has the audacity to tell you that you suck. That's barely hyperbole. Some of the "you lose" messages basically boil down to "you are a failure as a human being". Most of the minigames aren't even fun to begin with before the game starts insulting you. It feels like a predecessor to Wario Ware that drags on (except that Wario Ware came out six years before this did), especially given the ever present threat of unexplained failure any second now. It's a shame too because the graphics and music have a great style and it would be a fun game to just listen it, it's just unplayable as a game.