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Posted by Pip

BR2- Breckman Inc

Those saving the world types tend to go after and try to vanquish or loveable evil influences types. And after that whole business with Baxter and his heroics... It's easy to see why the Sins are none too keen on heroism. At least those that were on the team for those mishaps. Breck seems to be going the team route rather than the lone nuts with super powers route so surely that means all will go swimmingly.

All right, whole lotta extra content today:
There's a new DDG! With undead calamari!

Breck's game has been added to the Swag page for easy finding. If her dubious yet exceedingly awesome recap wasn't enough for you, you can play the real thing.

Keeping with fine tradition, we have a New Years picture in which somebody gets wasted! Remember the reason for the season, people.

Addy does not approve...

And keeping with the finest of traditions, another batch of old wallpapers have been added to the gallery. If you don't feel like waiting three years for the current ones to get posted, donate (artistically or monetarily) to Sins and DDG and be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. The new old wallpapers are:
HotForTeacher2 1024
NewSins 1024
Weenies07Orange 1024