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Posted by Pip

BR3- Justice League Hugs Beat Group Hugs

Perfectly valid options, every one. At least Gluttony is polite about it. Just comes across as a kind of afterthought in case anybody forgot about that option. The team, however, might be overreacting just a wee bit. They could still take her. One good conk on the head and she's out like a light.

A big thanks to all of you voting on TWC and for the additions made to the Sins Wiki. We're getting more hits from our higher TWC ranking, bringing more into our fold so I can feed on their views and get strong enough to... I mean, hey, it's a new month so the rankings have reset and we have a new image! This time it's part 1 of a two-parter inspired by the back of my box of cereal and its Seven Wonders educational facts. Store brand imitation cereals: every artists secret muse.

And for the new month, we have a new wallpaper. A nice peaceful winter one to start the year off right.

Finally, our end of the month amusing search strings that somehow led to Sins:
“best pick up line” - “I'm the writer of Sins Venials.”, of course. What? Totally plausible!
“macho tails” - Is this some weird furry thing or some debate on the relative butchness of tails? Winner- sharks, loser- foxes. Pansy, pansy foxes.
“shantae risky's revenge” - Booyah. Glad people are searching for it. And that Sins is now intertwined with it on the web! Talk to me, Wayforward. A Sins game would be awesome and you guys could knock it out of the park.
“super ugly people” - Now you guys are just getting mean.