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BR4- Kids These Days

Yeeesh, that greedy and she wants to be a hero! Spider-Man at least had the decency to pimp himself out to other superheroes. Then again, she is willing to accept a hero's trials and work her way to supreme cosmic power, so that's a bit of redemption there. And who doesn't like a little monster vanquishing? Teach those fanged beasties the price of being different.

Quick Review: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2- I got to the third or fourth level and it dawned on me that I hadn't enjoyed even a single second of the game, so I quit. This is a game with zero redeeming features. Why did it take a sex scandal to get the director fired? I'd have figured the shear incompetence shown in making this game would have been more than enough. Really, the camera alone should have gotten half the team fired. It fights against you, is reluctant to move, rarely shows anything useful, and is just a general pain in the ass that putting up with it just isn't worth it. The controls aren't that hot either. Moves are overly complicated but only a few are actually useful, the button mapping is all over the place, and Ryu has to be the ninja with the world's widest turning radius. Combat is boring thanks to the scores of enemies that pile out at you and there's more focus on being reactive with you being punished for being proactive. You fight by blocking constantly and then counterattacking. More than that and you'll get shot by something off screen. It's ultra gore ninja violence but it's sooo boring. Pretty much the sole kind word I have is that it features some crazy good textile work on the characters. The way light plays off Ryu's costume and the way the different fabrics act are fantastic. Although they do push the leather to extremes. The CIA apparently has very lax standards in how its agents dress. The female characters are the perfect analogy for the game itself: an excess of eye candy with no substance that's fun for a short while, but you wouldn't want to settle down with it for more than a few minutes.