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BR5- The Sinisher

Breck may have proven herself kick butt in smiting raging circus beasts, but when the cute armored variety get caught up in her zeal to prove her heroism, the outcome isn't quite as impressive. If the robed stranger only wore a hat, he could have prevented his embarrassing defeat! Let that be a lesson to all you would-be world conquistadors.
Secretly, that thing is TOTALLY evil and is planning on replacing the barons that run the towns, infiltrating all layers of society, and crushing humanity from within. And Pride just shoo'd it away...

Quick Review: Steal Princess- In theory, SP has an interesting design. It's Landstalker where each room is narrowed down to a puzzle. In action, the game is fairly boring. The puzzles aren't interesting and are rarely anything more than killing all the enemies in a certain order. The puzzles that are difficult are almost entirely hard because they rely on trial and error. Combat makes up so much of the game but it's poorly implemented. Your default weapon can't hurt enemies, only stun them. You have to find weapons in obstacles or on defeated enemies, but weapons can break (forcing you to redo the entire stage if you miss an enemy even once at times) and you can only hurt an enemy with a weapon of the same element. And "neutral" is consider a distinct element... Hit a Neutral spider with a giant flaming sword and it does nothing. The game is also very tedious. The flow is as follows: enter a stage, it gives you a fly through, beat the puzzle and get the key, watch the same door opening animation in every level, go to the door, get your grade, return to the map, and repeat. Most stages are only a minute or two long so all the fluff and padding takes almost as much time as the actual level. The super-cartoony artwork is really cute, but the regular in-game artwork and character portraits are fairly uninteresting and don't have any of the typical Climax style.