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BR6- Did She Pass

Breck is a violent little one. Just because Gluttony is an all-consuming monster, that doesn't mean you have to throw down with her. It means you gather her up and chuck her at people you don't like. That paperboy will never hit another one of your windows ever again. Mainly because Gluttony will suck him dry but if he could ever get on a bike again, he'd have learned his lesson.
Aren't all pedestals special in their own way? I mean, just by the act of having a pedestal, you're indicating that something worthwhile is going on. Maybe there's a guild of rogue architects that just go around and put things on pedestals.

The new TWC voting incentive is up as well. Finishing off the Seven Wonders travel tips and oh what a Wonder that seventh is.

Quick Review: Ivy the Kiwi (DS)- Ivy is an odd game, not quite a puzzle game not quite an action game. There isn't much story to it either. You get some upfront, there's nothing through the levels, but then once you finish the game, it goes back and gives you a page or two from the storybook for each of the worlds. Why not just add them to the end of the last level in a world? It would have made a lot more sense and added a narrative to the game. Everything in the game is some shade of brown. Yes it's supposed to look like a sepia-toned book but in practice, it's boring, makes the levels a blur if you're moving quickly, and a spike is practically the same color as a safe block leading to some annoying deaths. Instead of controlling Ivy herself, you play as an outside force helping her but the game loses some user-friendliness with this. You can't make Ivy chill for a minute so you can survey things and you can't move the camera without her, so even if you want to set something up for an obstacle ahead, you aren't allowed to. The game is ridiculously strict in recognizing when you're trying to grab vines and since the camera moves with Ivy instead of you, if she moves even a little at times, it will shift the view and you'll flub grabbing the vine that would have been a bridge and Ivy will die. You have a map on the top screen, but it's almost completely useless. Since you can't make Ivy chill, you don't have time to look the map over and none of the items, enemies, or required objectives are on the map so it doesn't really serve you well. Ivy is adorable though and that helps stave off some of the frustration. Her little dance when you complete a level helps overcome the guilt you feel when she shouts "Ivyyy" when you got her killed. You horrible monster, you. It's fun for the first 50 levels that make up the story, but the remixed levels just aren't enjoyable. It adds an extra objective in finding a key before you can complete the level but since it's not labeled, you're basically running a timed maze with no directions and it's one hit and you're dead with more enemies and obstacles placed off screen leading to lots of deaths even when you know where the enemies are.