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Posted by Pip

BR9- Doc Brock

Okay, so there were bound to be a few bumps in the road in teaching the Sins to turn to heroism. Nobody ever complains when a pedestrian gets bonked on the head by a grappling bolt Batman let plummet to the streets (seriously, who cleans all those things up?) so I think we can turn the other way when a civilian or two get bled dry to feed our favorite leech gal. And maybe they're not quite ready for the super group yet. First you work on cameos and crossovers and then you build yourself up to a League.
Envy is kind of beating the crap out of Lust there...

There's a new TWC voting incentive for the week with more highly important Sins Facts that you should know. They'll start showing up on the SATs any day now. Mark my words!
Don't mark my words.