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Posted by Pip

BR10- Screwball Special

Anger is better than the Tilt-a-Whirl and bumper cars. Combined. If it doesn't make you sick, it's just not worth your ride tickets. And did the X-Men ever get awesome chupacabra pets? No, no they did not. Lockheed can't compete with that and other than him, they're sorely lacking in amusing pets. Unless Beast counts. He wears glasses and reads books. It think it's people!

Good news, I fixed my Internet issues so the comic went up on time. Bad news, me thinks my wi-fi router is dead. Nuts to you, NetGear. I haven't had that router for long so you make lousy products. Lesson learned, I guess. Don't buy NetGear routers and don't listen to recommendations from employees from box electronic stores. Next time a Circuit City employee tells you he uses this kind and it works well for computers and games, you call him a liar and remind him that the company went out of business so he shouldn't even be having this conversation.