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BR11- Snickters

That's probably one of those hero take-downs that you lie about in jail. “A little girl was thrown at me by her monster dog” just doesn't get you the respect you may feel you deserve. Breck doesn't really come out of this with her own epic tale either though. There's a reason your parents told you to not run around or goof off with scissors or knives. You're going to end up stabbing yourself, letting criminals run free, and put yourself at risk for being eaten by a leech-demon. I grew up in New Jersey. Those kind of things happen, man.

I don't normally shill for companies out of the kindness of my heart because they can afford to pay me to do that yet they oddly refuse to do so, but egads “Things From Another World” is a good comic store. They sell a load of books for half-off in their “nick and dent” store but for every one I ordered, there is almost nothing wrong with the book unless you're super anal about having everything mint condition. The one in the “worst” condition has a bent corner and that's it. It's not ripped, torn, creased, or folded, it's just slightly bent. And they're selling that as damaged goods for dang good prices. It's not just old stuff either. I picked up the last four Ultimate Spider-Man paperbacks all from the nick and dent section for cheaper than MSRP on just one of them. I felt that deserved a few kudos.
So some super quick reviews from all that:
Ultimate Spider-Man- I really liked the ending to the series. It was rushed and blatantly done to fit it into a predetermined release date so there are a lot of plot lines that never get resolved, but as for the way they wrapped up the character, I liked it. I just would have liked it a year or so down the road when they had time to bring the series to a real end. And knowing that they rebooted the rebooted series cheapens it, but I can pretend like they didn't do that and ignore that new series.
Marvel Zombies 4- The series has gotten really bad, yet I keep reading it. Why? I do not know.
The Larfleeze Christmas Special- Larfleeze is quite easily the best thing DC has done since Batman. I mean, he actually gets the Green Lantern to create something more interesting than a giant fist with the ring.
And I'm done nerding it up for now. G'night, everybody!