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Posted by Pip

BR12- Hey Nice S

I'm pretty sure this is one of the sole things preventing me from snapping and turning costumed vigilante. Well, aside from the lack of awesome gizmos and super powers. How the heck do you find the crime in the first place?! Either you have a Batman super computer that, I dunno, uses satellites to alert you to every crime going on in the world, you listen to police radios, or you just hang out in one spot for hours on end until a crime starts going down. Crime fighting is not a game for people with ADD. On the other hand, I probably wouldn't be spitting on people and I'm somewhat certain I could follow the clues and find a rampaging bear. I may just hold onto my mask yet. I would probably fall asleep as well though. If it's good enough for Sloth, who am I to pick an alternate plan.

There's a new DDG up as well! Zip only wishes his missions were that relaxing. Click on the link to the left there to partake in the fun, fights, and fluids.

And for the new week, we have a new TWC voting incentive image. With the Sins finally getting down to something evil. Emphasis on the “getting down”... Click on the voting link below and make Greed happy.