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BR13- The Brat Cave

If there's anybody that's all about delusions, it's Lust. Whether they be of grandeur, persecution, or good ol' drunken hallucinations, that lady has delusion down. But Breck really shouldn't be complaining. Everybody knows the bosses most deserving of smiting live in caves. If she wants to get her hero cred up, she's going to have to start bringing home some heads on pikes. But not Envy's. Not too many villagers would be awed by that and would be more likely to put it over a pit and cook it. Which Greed may enjoy seeing.

Long, It's the end of the world and I feel bored Review: Avalon Code- AC starts off with a great concept: you're told that the world is coming to an end but you're given the "Book of Prophecy" to record information that will be used to make the new world. Having the book allows you to alter objects once you've scanned them so you can take the fire property off a flaming enemy and add it to your weapon or take a disease from a townsperson and give it to an enemy to make it easier to kill. Unfortunately, the game aspect is flat out tedious. It starts with a terrible tutorial that spends too much time on the obvious aspects but doesn't explain important concepts. Even beyond just not knowing where to go or what you're supposed to be doing most of the time, the game will just present you with objects and give you no clues or information about them. One room tells you to flip all the switches in it, you do so, and a giant green crystal appears. Your attacks just bounce off it, you can't push it, you can't interact with it, and you've never seen anything like this in the game before. Another room tells you to defeat all the enemies, you beat them, they respawning, and since every single battle has progressed like this before, it takes a rather long time to realize that this room is a puzzle and they won't stop respawning. The solution: swing your sword in the air, which damages a tile on the ground and once that's destroyed, the enemies stop spawning. Makes total sense, eh? Normal enemies take about three times as many hits as you'd expect (boss fights are even worse and you'll probably zone out) then they respawn six or seven times and will all reappear any time you change screens. You don't even gain experience by killing enemies, you gain it by hitting things. You get 1 XP every time you strike an enemy whether it be super strong or really weak, so the smart thing to do is equip your weakest weapon so you do little damage and pick on the easiest enemies you can find. There's really no point trying to level up on strong enemies. Of course, doing all this is really, really boring but kind of required because your character is a complete and utter wuss and enemies get a lot of cheap hits in so you die easily. Using the Book requires micromanaging. You can only store four properties at a time and they're shaped like puzzle pieces, so there's a LOT of moving the pieces around, trying to guess what will be useful later on, storing a property on one object to pick up for later, etc. It isn't user friendly and it's that way needlessly. The ability to store all the properties you find in one big database wouldn't have hurt the game and it would have made it easier and more fun to play. As it is now, you find you need a certain puzzle piece and now you have to flip through every single page of the Book until you find an item that has that trait (assuming something in your Book DOES have it and you haven't missed an item or enemy), move something from your holding cell into the item, grab the element, and place it on the new item but only if the element is the right size/shape or else you'll have to move things around until you can fit it in. The menu choices are too small to select with your finger so you have to use the stylus, but you need both hands for moving around and combat so there's a lot of annoying pausing and taking the stylus out and putting it back in. I wanted to like this game because it's an action-RPG and has a great premise but it's so damn tedious and user-unfriendly that playing it is a chore, so I quit.
Sins Committed: Bad combat, Micromanaging, Slow, Bad design, Bad tutorials
Virtues Acted: Good story, Even though it doesn't do anything, you can go around giving townsfolk diseases or give enemies random properties so you're fighting a “cat-loving” “wealthy” zombie.