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Posted by Pip

BR15- Captain AmeBrecka

See, all you people disparaging Envy? He has a hundred uses! You can throw knives at him. Axes. Poisoned darts. And he's travel sized so you can just latch him on and you have protection that's not only stylish and spacious, but it can talk too. You'll never be alone on the bus again! It gets kind of whiny though, so don't stab it too too much.
Head wings are going to catch on too. Some day...

We have a new TWC voting briber-er... incentive for those fighting the good fight and voting for Sins. Follow the link to help out the site and score yourself a fancy picture. Win-win! After Lust sullied everything last week, Sloth is here to class up the joint. And nothing makes things classy like a touch of Britishocity. Also, nobody says “aluminum” as kick-butt as the Brits.

I finally finished another small project I've been working on. To break up any fights between the Greed and Envy sculptures, we now have a Gluttony one! And if you're thinking that doesn't impress you and you've seen better, well you are a jaded, angry person, bub. But KABLAM! She gets better... It glows in the dark!

It gluts in the dark. Gluws? Glowtunny? Eh there's something in there somewhere. One of the petals flopped over during baking and the vines proved too thin to sand so the technique still needs a lot of work but I'm slowly getting better! The glow in the dark paint is super thin too so that part is really gloopy. After four coats, you could still easily see the clay and it was barely glowing so I had to kind of glom it on. I looove glow in the dark paint. It's so freaking awesome. Science! And thanks once more to my dad for the figure's base. He sent a few natural ones and I thought that suited Gluttony rather well.