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Posted by Pip

BR16- He Means Tying Balloons

There are advantages to having spikes growing out of your hands and then there are all kinds of disadvantages. Envy didn't really score in the realm of biology, did he? His head gets knocked off regularly, he's short, looks like a fruit, spike hands, and he won't even boomerang when you throw him. We can't all have heads made out of magic flying space metal that returns when you throw it, now can we? I mean, it's a bit hard to check that kind of thing on your average person so some of us might have those, but it's probably a safe bet that most of us don't. Please don't start a murder spree and blame it on me saying I had you go around and check. Please?
I'd still rather get “rafargle” into common use, but “X, ho!” is definitely something we'd all benefit from seeing more of. “Tacos, ho!”

There's a new month upon us but even though it's the lousy month of February, we can get one last look at what January had to offer us with funny searches that somehow led to Sins:
“is being naked a sin” - By the gods yes! The human body is a disgusting and unholy thing. Keep it covered!
“real pictures of the intestines” which was then followed up by “comics about intestines” - I can roll my eyes and shudder off the creepy porn some people search for but stuff like this? Man...

There's a new wallpaper that can be yours for the low, low price of a $1 donation (or more)! Or a donation of fan art, helping the site out, or some other kind of contribution. But isn't that really priceless?

Plus, it's a new month so that means the TWC voting ranks have reset. Thanks as always to all of you that have been voting and those that came aboard once the voting incentives went in place. We've been in the top 50 each month since then!