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BR17- Maybe Criminals Just Have A Better Taste

The weirdest “it's not you, it's me” speech for the oddest end to a robbery. But hey, it was an awesome move even if you can only do it once. That guy won't soon forget what happened the last time he tried to rob a shop! Assuming he wakes up... He's just sleeping, kids! At least compared to Bax, Breck is focusing her abuse of power on the right people.

Hey gang, some important/bad news if you use Internet Explorer. We had a comics link exchange banner on the site earlier but one of the sites in its rotation linked to a malware site. Chrome and Firefox don't seem to be affected by it, but if you run IE and have visited any sites that run Palace in the Sky link banners, there's a chance you got that link so please, please run a scan on your computer. My virus scanner caught it right away but if you haven't been keeping yours up to date, I recommend running a program called Malwarebytes. It's a free download and it works like a virus scanner that searches for malware, trojans, etc. Our IT guy at work recommends it to everybody at the office when they have problems and it's been great. I'm obviously mega-sorry this happened and we've removed all banners from the link exchange from the site and won't be putting them back.
tl;dr version- If you use Internet Explorer, run a malware scan, the site is now ad free, and Chrome/Firefox users may heap on the smug. You really should be using Chrome/Firefox.

To hopefully turn the topic back to more happy thoughts, we got an awesome piece of fan art from Zanaku. When is Greed ever not awesome? Thanks, Zanaku, and you can check out his gallery at: