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BR19- The Crying Game

HEY! Before we go any further, it's come to my attention that some of you haven't noticed that there's been a chatbox at the bottom of the page for like a year now. If that has sufficiently blown your mind, it doesn't require a login or anything so everybody is free to comment. On to our regularly scheduled notes...

Heroes get to take credit for anything their wards do. You own your sidekick so you own its successes. Its failures? That's when you ship it back to the streets/orphanage/cloning vat it came from.
Harsh reality comes crashing down on Pride while she's young. Fake young. Fake young that she's been through a few times already. But that's how life works! It makes you sweet and innocent and then comes crashing down on you and ties you to a chair. She's just lucky that she's lovable or they'd be tied up over a vat of acid filled with acid-resistant sharks on a rope that's slowly burning. That kind of stuff takes more forethought that your standard punk is willing to put the effort into.

Download or play it at:

It's time for a new Sins game! Woo! This time with a basis in a different engine. Extra woo! This time, the focus shifts onto the wonders of the Vices (Vici?) as we're re-introduced to one the many nameless Vice hanging out in the Demon Realm. You may recognize the lovable fellow from the background of a comic page but the game also contains a new character steeped in the comic's lore and a few cameos from characters we already know and have pledged our love to.
All the controls are in the help menu (press F1) and any level specific controls are explained at the start of that area. The new engine has some new bugs from how it handles movement but most of them are cosmetic. I recommend using the quick save feature (F5 to save, F6 to load) in safe spots just in case you get stuck.
So how about some feedback on the game too, please? What sections did you like/not like? If I can clean up the controls in the action sections, would you like to stick with those? Or do you like the mini-game sections more? Any of the mini games you'd rather expand on over others (defense, chase, shooter)?