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Posted by Pip

BR20- It IS Creepy When She Does It

Sadly, Pride is really one of the only ones that has actual superpowers. Tantrums plus influence over luck and probability are not a good combination for anybody around her. Then again, the whole “being bossed around by a squirt like her” thing is bound to have some psychological advantages. Even if her partner has to abide by her whims too.
And another instance where superhero terms make everything better. “Lair” sounds so much more dignified and ominous than being locked up in a garage or warehouse.

We also have some crazy good fan art by Saurus! Woo hoo! Super cuteness with Jin there and then BAM! The hotness with Rhett and Lust. Thanks a ton, Saurus! You can view his art and comic, Hero In Training, at (or conveniently located on the Links page):