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BR23- There Is Also Crazy Cute Just So You Know

Kudos to this temple-goer for actually being on top of things! Too many in the past have let those shifty Hosts sneak by. I think the Sins deserve some bonus points themselves for not just bonking the lady on the head and cramming her into a locker. See, they're growing as people! All that time in the Human Realm is a good influence after all.
I've never had a vision so I feel a bit left out in the whole ordeal. Much less a vision with pumpkin heads, chupacabra beasts, and baby rat-puppy-men. Then again, I don't do drugs so maybe that's why I've never seen these things. I'd be lousy at PSAs...

Quick Reviews: A smattering of comics! Because literacy is better when there are pretty pictures.

Ghostbusters: Haunted Holidays- It unfortunately has that IDW quality I griped about for the last GB book. On one page Peter is labeled as Ray and that's something that's bugged me since the TMNT cartoons. They would always have the wrong voice come out of a character or put the wrong color mask on one of them and for as unobservant as I am, that's like a big neon sign going off. Since the stories use different artists, the art is kind of all over the place in general, but Danimation's work is great. He's done a lot of fantastic Ghostbusters art on dA and it works well in comic form. Not only is his chapter drawn the best, but he got the Sam Hain chapter on top of it and it's filled with references to the TV show. Sam Hain! All in all, for a collection of shorts, it's not bad. One really bad one, three good ones, and one that you can give or take. But hey, they actually gave Winston screen time and a storyline!

Green Lantern: Agent Orange- A bit too heavy on the Lantern politics for a casual reader, but Larfleeze saves the thing from being boring. The politics are kind of neat in a long run, though, with the police force of the Universe being about as corrupt as you'd figure. The Green Lantern's Guardians are just dicks and they kind of get what's coming to them so it's okay to root for the Oranges.

Darkstalkers Volume 2- It unfortunately tries to do too many stories with too many characters so they all wind up just being a few pages long or throwaway quickies. Cute if you're a fan of the franchise even if it doesn't add anything to the story and most rehashes known territory but if you don't know the characters or don't already care, there's nothing to draw you in. Demitri being vampire-y isn't exactly new ground.

Celadore - Thanks to Comixology's freebie section having the first chapter of this, I found a good comic. Great art, fun characters, really good writing, and it started out as a webcomic and got published as its own book, so what's not to like. Some important plot points feel a bit rushed and it jumps around a lot, maybe due to the format of webcomic turned book. For anybody that's even thought that Sins moves through time and characters quickly, we have nothing on Celadore. Plot points get introduced and resolved two pages later, characters change identities and swap bodies to an extremely confusing effect, vast mythologies are established in a manner of panels, and later in the book it manages to create a maaaasive time paradox and seal the loop in a few page flips. Sadly, the company that published the collection went under, so I don't think there's a chapter two.