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Posted by Pip

C15- Special Scissors

Thatís a healthy look in her eyes. Isnít it?
I COULD explain the comic title, but you know, I wonít. Thereís at least one person out there that gets it and I bet I made her laugh. For the rest of you, meh, probably the less known, the better.

All righty! The guest comic contest is all but over, soÖ Iím announcing another one! Madness. Once a month Iíll post a few panels of a comic without any dialogue. I got a lot of ďI canít drawĒ BS on the guest comic contest, so for all you lazy people, you just need to write for this one. The most enjoyable page will be posted on the main page and the others will be put in the gallery. Whatís the prize you ask? Why doing something for someone else, you lazy bum! But more materialistically, I have nine limited edition Sins buttons to give out. You canít get them in the store and once these nine are given out, thatís it and a new batch with a different image will be printed up. I dub this fabulous eventÖ Button Day. Yes, yes. You can email ( or AIM (MegalomaniaPip) your entry to me or as a last resort post it on the forum.
Get writing!