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Posted by Pip

BR25- It Is An Evocative Title

More people would go to church if sermons had titles like that. More people would go to church if cute female cultists and the embodiments of Lust got into fights there on stage. Just saying. Though it may have some conflictions with the messages being taught and raise vast theological questions about the world and the Afterlife. Worth it in the end from my viewpoint though. My word processor is telling me that “conflictions” is not a real word. Even if that's the case, I'm leaving it because it totally should be a word.
The real issue raised here is whether Sloth had that little flag on its own or if Anger gave it to our gooey pal...

Quick Review: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (DS) - Stan Lee! You start the game up and BAM! Stan Lee voice-over. The voice acting in general is amazingly good for a DS game. Characters' voices fit, come through clearly, and they hired some good voice actors rather than just celebrity names that look good on a press release. SD isn't much more than an update to the DS Web of Shadows, but since WoS is one of the better DS games, that's pretty all right by me. Exploration is fun, the animations are fluid and suit Spidey perfectly, and they get some major kudos for offering separate selectable difficulties for combat and exploration (it affects how the map fills in and whether you're alerted if an upgrade is close). The controls are smooth and feel Spider-Man-y where you can go from punches and kicks to popping an enemy up in the air to snatching a weapon out of its hands and then repeatedly beaning the enemy with its own weapon, catching it, and repeating the process in only a few button presses. Unfortunately, and seemingly to counteract your doing what a spider can, enemies have a ton of health. Even once you've found all the damage upgrades, basic grunts take far too long to kill. From about the mid-point on, I just ran from all non-essential fights because they're frequent and long. In general, the game is pretty danged easy though. Up until you get to the final boss where there's a massive challenge boost, mainly from bad design. The final boss just hangs off-screen and throws fast projectiles at you and can instantly perform an area-of-attack force field that stops your attacks and hurts you, while you're doing a combo on it. Otherwise, just like Web of Shadows, you go from getting wailed on to doubling your health in a matter of minutes once you unlock enough abilities to explore and find upgrades. The only ability I didn't like was the dashing (think Samus's speed run power). It's not fun, poorly explained, and if you're going to rip-off moves from another game, don't screw around with the mechanics people already know. It would have been really nice to know that jumping preserves momentum and you can switch surfaces without losing your boost, something the game requires but doesn't let you know you can do. Sometimes doors open when you're dashing and sometimes they don't, so completing some dashing puzzles can come down to luck and require multiple attempts through no fault of yours. The only major complaint I have is the pointless and tacked-on spinning minigame to switch between characters. It's an egregious example of shoehorning in unnecessary touchscreen features in a game that otherwise doesn't use the touchscreen. Just be warned, the game is ridiculously short. Finish it in a single day of moderate play short.