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Posted by Pip

BR28- She Could Do It

Well at least she didn't just want a “You're a hat” joke out of it. You have to admit that the sombreanie is pretty awesome on multiple levels though. The stylishness and sun protection of the sombrero and all the mobility and functionality of the beanie! Although it seems to lack a chinstrap, so that... that first flight might not end well. Such is the curse of high fashion.

We conquered the evils of February and it's straight sailing through March. Nothing ever goes wrong in March! No matter what the Romans will tell you. And nothing says partying like Sin and Mardi Gras in this month's donation wallpaper!

And a significantly less rocking party is the collection of amusing search strings that somehow led to Sins last month:
“workmans comp is evil” - I don't think an inanimate non-personified program is really capable of that kind of theological issue
“hugs are evil” - Okay, that one I can see
“harbinger of doom” - A workman's comp check hugging you?
“pic of peopl have sex” - I normally ignore all the porn searches, but COME ON! That has got to be the laziest way to search for porn ever

And don't forget that the TWC ranks reset every month, so we appreciate the votes now more than ever so we can start the month out strong! Promise we won't hug you!