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BR29- Why Is It Never An Axe

Oh, magical swords. The perfect item to send the son of a great knight after when he gets to be a teenager and got mouthy. The symbol to inspire hopes in young children that they may one day rule when we all know they'll be farming radishes on a small stamp of the king's land. Or really just the kind of tool you send people to find when you don't want to deal with them. Hmmm... Pride seemed to turn to a sword rather quickly there... Maybe somebody tried to ditch her in the past or she's the rightwise king of whatever land she got kicked out of. I mean, who could call her bluff and prove her wrong? She's an alien.

Friend of the show, Pirate Madeline has gussied up its site and has a brand new banner to celebrate. Check out the Links page for Maddie's site or just go to:

And in even more comic news, Murry and Lewy is updating again after a short hiatus. I did a quick picture for them and then they had the audacity to update with a real comic page the next day. You're trying to steal my thunder, Thom! Also available on the Links page.
Very much not for kids though!

Quick Review: Freakonomics- I'm a fan of the Freakonimics radio show and totally recommend it to anybody, but the movie wasn't nearly as interesting. It's told as a series of unrelated subjects that are all fairly interesting, but the presentation is terrible. They're filled with needless (and bad) animated bits, music cues, flashy cuts, etc. It strikes less as a look at influences on society and people and more as a pandering human interest story. The one about how your name affects your life is filled with man on the street interviews that add nothing to it. It's extra unfortunate because the stories that are well-done, are great. The ones about abortion, corruption in sports and the police in Japan, and why incentives don't work are entertaining and a great listen without relying on Flash animation and attempts at catching your eye.
Stick with the radio programs: