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BR30- Lust Should Be Used To Hearing That

Time skip! Breck sure aged over the weekend, eh? Okay, for the characters it has been a few years, but we had to three days so it evens out. Breck has traveled the lands, training, getting stronger, exploring and adventuring, and apparently hassling guilds. Should kids even be allowed in guild halls. There's bound to be some hard drinking, world weary soldiers in there talking smack or comparing how has the more awesome horse. Adventurer kind of talk.

A new DDG has been posted! Click that fancy link to the left to join in the fun.

There's also a new TWC voting image for the week. This time, another installment of “What Could Have Been” where we take a look at the first batch of the Sins and see what they'd be like if they didn't come from the Demon Realm but from the Angel Realm, where cuteness is more valued than power. Click on Greed's link to see it and help the comic. All for free! How snazzy is that?

DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam- That's just far too much punctuation for a movie title that isn't even a complete sentence. To give you an idea of how the movie goes, the first chapter is about 22 minutes long. 20 of those are a single fight. Featuring two of the least interesting superheroes comics have seen. Despite the movie being named after them, Supes and Cap'um Marvel only show up in the first chapter. The Specter short is kind of neat since it's done like a 70's show but the plot is kind of lame. Guy gets murdered so a superhero detective goes around, well, brutally murdering everybody involved. Justice! The third? Green Arrow. Sniper battle between two archers. Yeah, totally skippable. The Jonah Hex one is pretty good though, so it's a nice finale. Probably the first time a guy motorboating a prostitute has ever shown up in a DC cartoon too. You know, aside from fan fiction. Overall, the art and voice acting are fantastic but the stories just aren't there. For super fans only, I'd say.