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BR31- Best Place For Justice To Come From

Looks like Breck has gotten a lot better at jumping rooftops since she invaded Greed's temple! Maybe there's some kind of awesome jumping practice involving cliffs and spiked pits. No hero would wuss out and use poles or sand pits on the ground like a common track and fielder! Although... add some gourds and demons with somebody getting wailed on at the end and I'd start watching.

Quick Review: Plants vs Zombies (DS) Pop Cap can actually make decent games now! Who knew? PvZ has great controls, peppy music, and cute graphics. The sprites aren't very clean though. The original game uses vector art, so why the lazy resizing? The story mode isn't really difficult outside of a stage or two. Up until you hit the final stage and then it gets ludicrously cheaply unfairly difficult. The boss can just wipe out huge swaths of your plants in a single unstoppable move. Gah, robot zombies! It's not perfect but the issues are mainly small and easily fixable for a sequel. The game really needs a fast forward button. Once you get set up and know the game, you still have to plod along. The item upgrades are crazy expensive and require grinding but they aren't even that good since they cost so many resources to use in the game. So you have to grind money to buy them then store mass resources to actually deploy them in-game. Certain items are geared for defeating one specific zombie and this takes up your valuable limited inventory space. Your load-out is mostly planned for one on one combat rather than the items you like to use and are the most fun. The game has lots of extra modes and mini-games, but you can only play the zombie mode in multiplayer. Kind of a rip-off there. Otherwise, it's a great game and nigh-on perfect for a train ride, except that you can't save during the endless or survival modes.