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Posted by Pip

BR32- Sticks And Stones And Gauntlets And Demons

I think we all know who the real villain is here. Words can hurt too. Granted, people flying off of rooftops kind of sucks too, but “rat” is particularly mean with Greed around. And then she's embellishing the properties of mysterious swords. That probably has to break some kind of rule for heroes. I think what we're all trying to say is that Breck lost a few Batman points today.

Quick Review: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor- I got maybe halfway through and quit. There just wasn't anything fun about playing the game. It starts with the ugly characters with vacant eyes and duck-lipped expressions. The horrible dialogue just makes you hate them that much more. Then that robot girl starts her “What is... human?” conversation and it made me cheer on the bad guys so hard. Their voices don't even match their ages. Oh and the gameplay is terrible. You can't freely aim. As soon as you start firing at an enemy, the game locks you onto that enemy until it dies or you shake the controller. Given that there are rarely ever less than a metric crapload of enemies on screen at any time, you constantly get stuck firing at any enemy or just some random destructible thing in the background that you didn't intend. There are times when hundreds of non-enemy destructible characters come pouring out of the background. They don't hurt you and they don't interact with you in any way but the game will have you focus on firing at them rather than the enemies around you. It rarely feels fair when you get hit due to the bad design. Enemies fire yellow and red bullets in the lava stage, blue missiles in the water stage, etc and the camera moves to these odd angles that make it difficult to tell where you're being attacked from or where to dodge. Shooters aren't that hard to design when it comes to the basics but S+P manages to screw it up spectacularly.