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BR33- Cartographers Would Have Done The Same Thing

Oh! The ol' sand in the eyes. That's why you only beat up random thugs that are standing on solid ground. Way to not use your environment, Breck. Now if you took Gluttony's advice and had them string the guy up, you'd be able to see, have your info, and she wouldn't be hungry because they got to play with a human pinata. Win-win! Except for the kid...

There's a new TWC voting incentive for the week finishing off the Angel Realm Sins group. Envy's a bit of a jerk no matter what Realm it comes from. Click on the voting link by Greed to lend a comic a hand.

It's almost time for me to start writing the next arc, so I wanted to do a survey again. Would you guys rather have a flashback revealing some past dirt on a certain main character's relationships or would you rather follow the timeline linearly and get the host after Breck whose tale will be told from a few different viewpoints. Post a comment on the forum, in the the chatbox at the bottom of the page, post it on the Facebook page, or shoot me an email with your vote! Both storylines will eventually be told, so it's more about the order that you want to see them in. Thanks!

Quick Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife- The movie starts off by depowering Alice but as much as she should have been better afterward, without her sole gimmick, she goes from overpowered fan fiction character to dull as all get out. The storyline is a mishmash of characters and ideas from the games just done without the lovable cheese. Wesker has his super virus, the axe man from RE5 show up, Chris and Claire show up with Chris making his debut in a prison cell, the zombies now have the Las Plagas mouth dealies, and everybody has those mind controlly bugs, but when you pick and choose random game events and throw them all together, it doesn't really work. Despite the eventual violence and shoot-outs, the movie is just boring. An hour into the story, it's still just the stock human characters doing not much of anything. When the violence kicks in, it's the standard gun fights and zombies that could be from any other movie. The action also goes in and out of slow motion several times a minute. It's not at all an interesting or unique technique and quickly becomes something you'll hate because it drags everything on and on. The movie series isn't even fun dumb anymore, it's just dumb. The characters are boring, the fight scenes are dull, and even the special effects look cheap and it blatantly sets itself up for a sequel which is already in production. That's just depressing.