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BR35- The Museum Has An Exhibition On 40 Cakes

Breck is one step closer to hero-dom! You can't be a good hero if you don't have some guy that keeps popping up to get in your way or whose dastardly plans you have to foil on a semi-regular basis. Even if those dastardly plans are just hanging out in a museum. Ooor she's just going around accusing people with slicked back spiky hair of being evil... We'll ignore that scenario though. But it does look like he owes Breck some thanks. He starts off as a street rat stealing from vendors and after a run-in with Breck, he's in a museum? Whether he's there to knock it off or not, that's a step up in the world. Getting a beat down by the Sins is a sure fire way to move ahead in life!
A few tit for tat cameos in today's page after the gauntlet showed up in a collection of items in Ascension ( , of course). It looks like those jerk head scientists raided the Church of Pelor in-between stealing Lust's jewelry. Oh, and Mr. Demon Pony (page 174)... Frog lamp forever! It's fun to imagine I'm saying that as I jump through a glass window...

Quick Review: Daybreakers- Best side-effect of becoming a vampire? Apparently it instills a desire to go back to classy 50s style clothing. Take that, society. Daybreakers is an interesting look into the mundanity of being a vampire and the practical problems this entails, but it quickly goes the cliche "woe is humanity" route and all the vampires turn evil. Granted it's an evil businessman vampire, but they start with the unique look at an infection and wind up in the same territory and shootouts as all the others do. Although, if you have the free time, it's worth watching just for the great throwaway lines, ads in the background, or little touches that play off vampire lore. One that totally blindsided me was a news report on forest fires from vampiric animals. The animals don't know to stay out of the sun, so they go outside, burst into flames, and burn down a forest. That was quality writing.
On a more nitpicky bent, why didn't they just use humans like cattle? The infection would bring the human numbers down to a manageable number, they wouldn't rebel if you raised them from children to accept and embrace the lifestyle, and you could treat them well so they'd never have the need to fight back. This saves time, money, and violence all while ensuring you have a steady supply of blood. Breeding humans and draining them a little bit at a time and then sucking them dry when they're old makes a helluva lot more sense than immediately sucking them dry in a big scary warehouse. Do I need to run this vampire apocalypse myself?! Note to my vampiric readers: I am totally willing to run this vampire apocalypse myself. Email me!