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BR36- Maybe She Stound It

You fool! Didn't you read Breck's recap?! It was in a box! She quite clearly said she found it in a box.
You just can't be a hero without somebody trying to pin crimes on you or turn the public against you. Breck's danged cute enough to avoid the “stranger from another world” rap her mentors may stick her with but you just can't stop a supervillain that pulls strings or blames you for bad things. The public always seems to forget every single good thing you've done once one bad newspaper story shows up. One day the thief will run for president, get cocky, and reveal his plans to shame Breck and the Sins. Or they could just beat him up and save themselves some time.

I think we have enough results from the poll to call it closed. Voter support came in for the flashback story and it came in strong with a landslide victory. But don't look forward to it just yet, we still have plenty of time left with the adventures of Breck!

There's a new TWC voting image for the week! Another sneak peak into Rhett's life after his adventures with the Sins and encounters with the horrors of growing up. The evil, evil human body...

We also have a new piece of fan art from user, Tyler, in a devious attempt to get me to wish him a Happy Birthday. I'll never fall for such tactics and – Hmmm, touche. Thanks, Tyler!

Long, Shut up with the memes! Review: Blade Kitten- I like the art, the characters, and the graphics, but the writing and dialogue... Not so much there. You never really know where you're going. The levels are like giant mazes and you never know if you're on the path or you took a side route that leads to treasure. I found most of the hidden items not through doing something special or anything that took skill, but rather by just not knowing where I was supposed to be. The game resorts to placing giant glowing arrows telling you where to go and there are times when even that doesn't help. Since the levels loop around on themselves so many times, even following the arrows will lead you in circles. Many level also have infinitely and instantly respawning enemies so you can't even use "is this area clear of obstacles?" as a gauge for whether or not you've been through an area before. I also don't know why I was collecting the items I was. Every so often you'll stumble across an alternate version of your sidekick monster, a goldfish in a bag that's just floating in mid-air, or a data disk but they don't seem to actually do anything. You get money for the goldfish though, so hooray magic flying bag of goldfish? The story doesn't make much sense either. You go from a character stealing from you to some soldiers attacking you to freeing caged townspeople only to find that they wanted to be caged because they were being moved to new homes only to find out two minutes later that no it was a trap all along and the soldiers are evil and are up to... I don't really know. Something? And then the next level has you helping the soldiers. I figured this would be a good time to stop and read the comic that the game is based on, but their site is so incredibly slow that flipping through pages takes far too long. I compared it against Sins and I was able to flip through three or fours Sins pages for every one BK page. So I went back to playing the game and in the level you're helping the soldiers, they just start attacking you. The next level features a Godzilla sized monster wiping out their forces aaand they ignore that and try to kill you. I also didn't know know why I was fighting the final boss. She showed up once before the fight, yelled at the character, and then appears again in mech trying to kill you. Gameplay doesn't fair better than storytelling. You constantly stick to walls you don't want to but then you'll slide right off a wall you want to climb. Your stickiness causes problems too. I was stuck standing horizontally on the ground until I mashed the jump button enough to dislodge myself and sliding into solid walls causes all sorts of problems. The game is very buggy with problems like this happening frequently. They don't even let you use the d-pad to control your character. A 2D platformer and it wastes the d-pad by assigning weapon selection it. A feature you never ever have to use more than once. Why does every game feel it needs a physics engine? It's a straight-forward platformer. I don't need to see boxes and barrels bounce when I strike them or have enemies ragdoll. The game wasn't made by a big studio (and I think they went belly-up afterward) so the money and time could have been spent on far more important matters. Like good controls. A functioning camera. Decent level design. And on and on. So much of the game feels like a money pit due to bad management. You have a partner character that serves absolutely no purpose other than collecting items that are specifically designed so that only he can collect them (they sit in the foreground). The game has a neat way of making objects in the foreground disappear when you get near them, but you wouldn't have had to spent the time and money on that if you just didn't stick crap in the foreground to block the camera. You meet voiced NPCs that serve no purpose other than having that useless line of dialogue. Even the whole shop and upgrade system is almost completely pointless. You will never need to buy a health or stamina upgrade, the alternate costumes are all worse than the default, and they could have just given out the weapon upgrades as you complete levels. As it is now, you'll probably accidentally stumble across enough treasure chests to buy the best weapon by the second level. It's very much a budget title but it was released as one of the most expensive PSN games. It's down to the normal $10 now, but even at that price and considering this is "Episode 1" of who knows how many episodes that will never come out because the company went out of business, it's still not recommendable. More power to anybody that gets a comic made into a game, but this didn't play that much better than the Sins game. And those are free, I make them on my own, and they're done with a budget of $0. This one came from a known studio with a number of employees and some cash so it's okay to expect more.
Sins Committed: Bad camera, Bad controls, Bad story, Buggy, Bad level design
Virtues Acted: Good graphics, Good art, Spending time thinking about how much better the game would have been if you had played as an actual knife-wielding kitten