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Posted by Pip

BR37- Sounds Legit To Me

The true test of a hero on her journey: Underage drinking! How are you, underage drinking? Besides illegal. Breck wouldn't do that though. She knows winners don't drink, just dig the mug. It's totally an ice cream float.
So maybe the true TRUE test is temptation! And what a perfectly mentor she has for this test. Granted, Breck doesn't have an angel on her shoulder to balance out the seven devils saying “Do it!”, but she's come this far. If she hasn't donned a cape and tights or hung a thug up by a street lamp yet, she's going to be o-kay.

Quick Review: Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics - They rather nicely skirt all the crappy things DC did to the creators of the comics and show themselves as this benevolent force that was great to everybody, so it really isn't more than a PR piece for DC, but it's still an interesting watch. It's especially great for tracking how the different "Ages" changed with society and the writing teams that came in and gave the characters new directions to fit with the times. And for finding out just how many times series were canned only to be brought back later. Even batman was on the chopping block for a while. I blame Robin. But then again, I do blame him for most of society's ills.

The underage drinking thing was a Clone High reference. I don't normally point those kind of references out but I've met a grand total of 0 people that have heard of the show from a source other than me.