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BR39- Should Have Made Her A Fancier Hat

Patrols were fun after all. Never underestimate the appeal of spitting on people, sleeping on duty, and waking up to find that you narrowly avoided being mauled by a bear. That's what I imagine being a zookeeper is like. With occasional cotton candy in the mix.
Sloth is similar to one of those kinetic flashlights. You have to put a little something into him to get him to go. If he starts glowing excessively and explodes, well then you shook it too much. That's dangerous... Let's go with Sloth being like Shake and Bake. A little violence, some time in the oven, and he's delicious! Do they still make Shake and Bake?

There's a new picture up on TWC and thanks for everybody that votes for Sins this week. With MORE Sloth goodness! That blob is on a rocket ship of gold and a yacht of fame! Click the voting link to see more Sloth in silly outfits.

Quick Review: A Witch's Tale- WT may have the quickest turnaround of any DS game I've played. I didn't even beat the first area because the game design is so horrible. You can't control your character with the d-pad or select items with the buttons since everything is controlled by the touch screen but the menu design is straight out of an RPG from the 80s. You wind up having to tap on text to make selections. You actually have to tap the text twice to select anything, once to move an invisible “cursor” to the text and then again to select, so basically the game is designed to have regular menus but it feels like somebody popped in a day before the deadline and decreed that everything had to have stylus control. Battles are the standard ye old turn based menu system but, again, everything is touch screen based. To select your actions, you can't just tap them, you have to tap them and then drag the selection from the lower left corner of the screen to a small icon in the upper-right corner. There's absolutely no reason for you to do this or why the action icons couldn't have been placed right above the choices since the middle of the screen is just dead space. The battle frequency is high and they are long. It takes ten rounds to defeat a single enemy you meet regularly at the beginning of the game. Part of this is because the enemies' dodge rates are jacked up so just trying to hit them is a feat and then they have hundreds of HP for you to slowly whittle down. The map design is terrible because there are few clear entrances or exits and the map as a whole is an amorphous blob of a maze. Sometimes you'll touch the edge of a screen and it will advance to another room, sometimes it won't. I also got lost in the maze rather quickly because it doesn't indicate that you can interact with some areas of the environment. In the intro stage, items you can interact with sparkle and then you have to find the rather tiny area you can touch. In the first world, which is made up of candy, you can't interact with the globs of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla icing. However, a few screens over, you can interact with the vanilla icing for no explained reason and you can break them if you tap them a few times. That would have been really nice to know. The story is cute in a Disgaea 1 meets Alice in Wonderland sort of way and that's what attracted me to the game, but it's a complete mess of wasted potential.