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Posted by Pip

BR40- Beaten Her In A Race Surely

Lust has a gift for gab. Just not a gift for thinking things through or shutting her mouth when she realizes she shouldn't be saying that. Hey, even with Sloth getting picked she still thought about getting her own way. Optimism! Not selfishness.
Aww man, giving the stone to Sloth was a joke since we knew it was busted and it was furthering the tease, but some of your comments really got into it! But I am a benevolent dictator! To make it up to you, I'll do another contest.

Like with the Modesty contest, your task is to draw out what you think Sloth would look like powered up. Giant all-consuming goo from beyond the stars? Winged nightmare to cocoon its victims before leeching their life force? Cuddly bunny? It's up to you! As with the Modesty one, this won't have any effect on the outcome of the comic, it's just for fun. I already know what kind of horrid hellbeasts they are, so you just have fun with it. Usual rules apply: Keep it clean, no copyrighted characters, don't just stick one of your own characters in there and call it an entry, and when in doubt, check with me on whether your entry is appropriate or not. Winners will be chosen based on the idea they submitted rather than just the execution, so even if your art isn't worthy of the 'fridge, send it in anyway! And of course, prizes! We'll work with the traditional prizes of no monetary value but I'm flexible on the specifics. Depending on how many entries we get, there will be at least two winners and up to four. First prize gets a free picture of their choosing from me (restrictions apply!), a Sins book pdf download, and a batch of wallpapers of their choosing. Second prize gets a Sins book pdf download and a batch of wallpapers of their choosing. Third and fourth get a batch of wallpapers of their choosing. And everybody gets infamy and glory through the ages! How about we say two weeks from today is the deadline?
Any questions? Make a post or email me and do the same when you have your entry ready! If you posted it in a Photobucket or art gallery, just send me a link and I'll download it. Thanks and have fun!