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Posted by Pip

BR41- Shake HER This Time

I blame Breck too. Just seems like she could have done more to help the Sins out. Go that extra mile and all. I mean, how many other hosts have we seen have rock problems? Maybe it's medical. Some kind of hero poisoning. All this seems plausible.

Egads it's a new month on a Friday. I forgot about this and I'm kind of doped out on Nyquil. Didn't really think this through...
Not really too much funny in this month's search strings leading to the site. Mainly disturbing ones but one did catch my eye:
“sins venials game how to beat fast” - It's not so much the search that's funny, but you're on the website for the comic on which the game is based and run by the very person that programmed the game but somebody turned to Google rather than just asking me. That either speaks very highly of Google or very poorly on me...

Let's lift our spirits with a new wallpaper for the month then! My rapidly decreasing ability to hold my head up dictates that I forgo explaining the various ways of donating to get it, so let's just say donate and check last month for the caveats or ask if necessary. This month we have some of the cute ladies of Sin relaxing in breezy Spring outfits and maybe a little Tarot Gauntleting, if ya know what I mean.