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Posted by Pip

BR42- Everybody Has Capes In My Imagination

Let's not forget that Balances duty in this world is being a hero! When she's not plugging up the gaping holes in Eternity, she's totally outrunning locomotives and needlessly leaping over tall things in a single bound. I mean really, who “bound”s these days?
If the Sins are good at anything, it's somehow screwing themselves over at a later date. I wonder if there's a Payback Force somewhere in this Universe... The Sins totally stole his lunch from the Cosmic 'Fridge at some point.

This week's TWC voting incentive is fun AND educational! No! Wait! Don't leave! Okay it's fun and only arbitrarily educational in one aspect: drawing! This series breaks down the Sins and shows why they look the way they do and how you can replicate their power to show your adulation or enter certain contests maybe? We start with the SL this week so learn and dominate that Sloth contest. You have one week left to enter! Check on the forum for details.