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BR43- Give In To Reading

The Sins have some lame ways of trying to corrupt people. Just reading a book rarely counts as giving in to the ways of evil. And they probably try to bust that one out all during the day. Give in to the evil of eating fruits. Give in to the evil of choosing a nice shirt for the day. Give in to the evil of pummeling a school child that tried to get an extra piece of candy. Like doing any of that could ever be evil. They are a persistent gang though. Like Lust not letting facts or demonstrated brokenness stop her from bashing that stone against a tree. It's bound to help in some way.

Give in to submitting your entry for the Sloth contest!

Quick Review: All Star Superman (movie)- There's so much you could have done with a story about a superhero on Superman's level preparing the world for his death and how he has changed humanity and how it will have to change again with him gone. Even ignoring how this would affect other characters like the Justice League and focusing solely on Superman, he could have done something in his final days. He could save the environment, cure diseases, free people suffering under dictatorships, push for equal rights, and improve the standards of living for people, animals, and everything not just on one planet but on multitudes of them. But how does he spend his days? Just dicking around. I thought that a story about Superman's actions as he dies would finally draw me in enough to care about the character but it just made me hate him even more. Heck, I was a fan of Lex Luthor before, but the world of Superman truly deserves the crap he pulls. Lex IS the superior being and humanity should be under his control. I-I took this way too personally... Supes wastes so much time on boring things and Lois Lane. Superman finds out he's dying and has nothing better to do in his last days to help the Universe but make Lois Lane a single serving of a magic serum that gives her super powers for only 24 hours? And since when can Superman even freaking do that? I kind buy that the radiation from a yellow sun makes you super strong (seems reasonable to me) but how does it make you a super genius? The last thing Superman needs is more powers. It only makes him less interesting even in the process of dying. As far as the recent DC animated movies go, this was among the worst. Bad story, bad characters, and not only was it missing the usual voice actors, but the stand-ins didn't really do a great job.