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Posted by Pip

A9- Donít Aska, Donít Tell

See why itís important to try to find out more about the people you spend your time around? You just look like a twit when you find out theyíre actually somewhat female. An embarrassing situation indeed.
For the new readers, Gluttony has never appeared as anything other than a giant man-eating plant before, so the issue of what its sex is never came up. Though technically none of them have a sex because theyíre just shades and their forms are what they choose to have as representations of themselves.
Not really all that of a far-fetched situation though. When I went to get my driverís license, I to this day have no clue whether the test-giver was a male or a female. I just avoided all ďsirsĒ, ďmaíamsĒ, or sex specific pronouns. Another reason why people should adapt my tendency to use ďitĒ when referring to people instead of male or female pronouns. You avoid the whole he/she mess and never have to worry about messing up with those ambiguous people. Iím a solver of problems here!
Now, Iím a firm believer that Lustís description of her fellow Sins isnít a curse word, but itís a point of debate between a friend and I. What do you readers say, have I broken my PG rule or are we still in reasonable bounds here?

Iíve entered another realm of quasi-fame! Somebody has a picture I did hanging up by the copy machine at her work. In your face, Dilbert! Or, you know, Scott Adams. Thanks, Miranda!