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Posted by Pip

BR44- It Could Have Been Worse

They could have been A LOT meaner. They could have eaten his eyes or something. Maybe suck his brains out of his ears. That's a pretty keen use of tentacles we don't see nearly enough. Buuut if he freaks out that much just from Sloth, maybe he needs his brain bits.

Today's page marks our 900th update! Just madness! And what better way to celebrate this than by sending in your entry to the Sloth contest? This weekend is the due date! Get scribbling!

Quick Review: TMNT: Smash Up- It's amazing how much of Smash Bros was the Nintendo-ness of it. Without the characters and the music, it feels so bland. And these aren't the Turtles I looooved as a kid. Even the stages have nothing to do with the characters. What do a cruise ship or a wild west saloon have to do with the Ninja Turtles? But even with a good use of the license, this game would still be bad. It has unresponsive controls, bad hit detection, heavy jumps, and slow gameplay. Every other move stuns your character or knocks you to the ground and it isn't like in Smash Bros where you can quickly roll or recover. It takes button mashing and far too much time for your player to slowly get back up. Characters don't have special moves like the B moves in Smash Bros. You just have a "heavy attack" that isn't all that different among the characters so playing as character X feels about the same as playing as character Y. You can only use half of the characters in Arcade mode so you can blow through that in two sittings. The mission mode is horrible because the game isn't fun to begin with, so putting restrictions on what you can do just makes it that much worse. And there's this stupid "pointer" move where you make crosshairs appear on the screen and you interact with the background, but unless you're playing with the Wii remote, it just doesn't work. The second mission is to defeat your opponent with a background interaction using the pointer and I can't do it since I'm using a controller. The pointer won't activate when I have it over the item and the crosshairs move so slowly that unless the item appears right next to me, I can't move the pointer over to in time. And you can't walk with the pointer out because it hijacks your movement. What kind of person designed this or even looked at it and thought it was a good addition to a fighting game or even remotely fun? Ignore the license and you're just left with a fighting game that is surprisingly boring.