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Posted by Pip

BR45- Just Borrow For Indeterminate Time

Maybe it's Lust's hair. That neon has to be rough on the eyes after regaining conscioussness. Or maybe it's the pointy eyelashes. Certainly couldn't be the fangs...
As far as the rustling goes, the world is clearly buckling under the power of guardian Sloth. That little guy will keep all your caves free of snooping villains. Just at the cost of a few cave-ins from time to time.

The latest in the How to Draw series is up for this week's TWC voting incentive. Click that voting link to educate yourself in the ways of AP! How to draw Anger and Pride, not Advanced Placement courses. Unless you go to some kind of awesome charter school...

The runners up in the Sloth Contest have been posted! Head over to the gallery to check them out:

Big thanks to Animaniac43, Bhaviryavakwa, Dragon8writer, Epic_agent_63, and Joaqs for their entries!
Come back next update for the winners!

Posted by Pip

Sloth Contest

I botched the due date on the Sloth Contest entries, so you still have a few days left to send in your picture! I'll add more prizes if I get more submissions. Get back to work!