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Posted by Pip

BR46- Scarier Than Poncho Man

Boss fight! The coin-flippin', mysteriousizing, hooded figure from Breck's game makes his reintroduction and his first comic-y appearance. Looks like he's hit the gym since we first saw him though... And at least our Tarot wannabe picked a semi-serious piece of clothing to make his introduction in. Imagine if he first showed up in a sombreanie! He'd never live that down.

I've finally gotten around to cleaning up the Links page. It now has some semblance of order with the sites that update regularly up at the top and the comics that don't but are still worth reading at the bottom. If you haven't been for a while, go check it out again via the tab to our left.

Quick Review: Limitless- In a disappointing streak of releases at the theater, there's actually something worth watching! And it's the movie I haven't seen a single ad for or heard anything about before watching. Limitless has a great premise, well-written dialogue, likeable characters when they need to be and enjoyably dickish characters when that's needed, all cast and acted extremely well. A seriously good mix of comedy, action, and drama and well worth watching.